General Questions

1 What is the difference between on-line tuition and in-centre tuition?
The differences are:
- Your child will learn On-line with a Live tutor
- The child will not have to travel to a tuition centre
- They will learn from the comfort of their own home
- Fees are much more cost effective in comparison to a tuition centre.

Infact all our Tutors teach content from The National Curriculum syllabus in line with the year/key stage the child is in.
Many parents and tutors report that students study more efficiently online and make better use of their time.
2How long are online sessions?
The sessions are one hour. The total teaching time is one hour.
3 Are the tutors qualified?
All the tutors at StudyUniv are fully qualified teachers with security checks.
4 How do I know my child is safe online?
Students access the service through a secure portal.

Tutor questions

1 How will the tutor mark the worksheets?
The tutor and student can upload the sheets using any device of your choice.
2 Will my child have homework?
This will be dependant on the child's tutor, based on your child's assessment. The tutor will decide if homework is appropriate or not. Homework which is allocated will help the student embrace new topics or concepts they learnt during their session.

Technology questions

1 Do I need a webcam? Does the program need Skype?
Yes you will need a webcam. The program uses Skype.
2 What happens if the internet doesn't work?
We provide a technology check at the beginning of each teaching session. The technology checker looks at your internet connection and access to video and microphone.