What is Online tutoring?

StudyUniv offers facility that allows your child to connect with their tutor from home. Sessions are face-to-face with a live tutor online and in real time. Our tutors are fully qualified and experienced. We offer dedicated or group tutoring for those at school or at the university.

Benefits of live online tutoring

Superior teachers. Cutting-edge technology
  • 100% personal attention, Dedicated teachersPersonalised live teaching

    Personalized LIVE online teaching ensures that student gets the entire attention of a dedicated teacher and learns at his/her pace. The interaction between the teacher and students is strong and two-way, which is also monitored technologically for further improvement (if needed).
  • No more drop offs / pick ups after schoolSave on time

    Get world class tutoring and completely bypass wasteful travel time and energy, and focus only on studies from the comfort of home.
  • Ease of accessAnytime, Anywhere learning

    The conventional classroom method mandates that learning has to be limited to a place and constrained by time. We believe, learning should not be time bound. Nor should teaching be.
  • No more drop offs / pick ups after schoolWho is it for?

    Online tutoring suits anyone studying inside or outside formal education. Our customers include everyone from those at school or at the university through to home schoolers, overseas students and adult learners. It is easy, simple and convenient way to study.